Bob Bedell is a singer-songwriter out of Pittsboro, NC, who has been writing and performing songs for decades.  He writes with an eclectic style of alternative Americana pulling from indie folk/rock, alt-country, and blues.  His songwriting is ambitious and endearing, leaning on love, loss, renewal, and reaction for the clarity found in life. Listen closely and you may hear how songs can feel like a memory.   

Bob looks forward to bringing his brand of Americana to your favorite venue:     

house concerts, clubs, cafes, bookstores, breweries, wineries, festivals, or wherever music is being played - indoors or outdoors... live or online events.  

Bedell is currently working on the rough mixes for his first solo album, after  decades of playing in full bands. Bedell has retired from teaching/coaching and is enjoying the recent switch to solo artist.   He is especially happy with the reactions of the audience and their responses to his diverse original material. In a recent radio interview, it was said that Bob's music allows the audience to "walk through the song and it becomes a part of them", allowing them to insert their own story into the song.

Bob played with the band Catbird Seat out of Atlanta, Georgia from 1987-2011 and really honed his songwriting skills with this trio (Bob, Rob Griffin, and Brett Norton).  Sharing the love of songs with so many inspiring singer-songwriters in this thriving music scene that was fostered into a lot of great music by local bar manager Eddie Owen (who later started his own club named Eddie's Attic, one of the greatest music venues in the country.  Eddie developed a "listening room" atmosphere, very rare, but also the best way to hear music in a club.  Many talented songwriters, solo artists, as well as bands, made a name for themselves thanks to Eddie's vision and love of music, which he continues to this day in Duluth, Georgia, at the Red Clay Theater.  

Prior to moving to Atlanta, Bob played in 3 college bands that initiated and inspired creativity and collaboration helping to turn songwriting into a passion.  Going to new places, meeting new people, sharing with other songwriters and bands allowing this passion to grow into new stories and experiences to add in the songwriting notebooks. Bob is always ready to meet new folks or visit with old friends. He has shared the stage with some incredible musicians: local heroes to international superstars.   CHECK the LINK FOR MORE INFO   OR    REMARKABLE MUSICIANS AND VENUES         SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC wherever/whenever you can...