Bob Bedell has been privileged to share the stage with some remarkable musicians and play some unbelievable gigs. You can view a comprehensive list by clicking the button below.

Bedell toured the Southeastern US in the 1980s with the college band  The Unitz playing campuses, clubs, festivals, and was lucky enough to grace the stage of the Grand Ol’ Opry.  After moving to Atlanta in 1987, Bedell founded Catbird Seat with Rob Griffin as an eclectic acoustic duo touring extensively from New Hampshire to Florida to the Mississippi River.  Catbird Seat was a part of the late 80s-late 90s Atlanta acoustic scene which was VERY talented, supportive, hypnotic, inspiring and unassuming. Catbird Seat was signed with Sister Ruby Records out of Atlanta, Ga.  After their first release in 1989, Catbird Seat added Brett Norton and Travis McNabb on bass and drums to get the full band effect recording.  Simone Simonton took over the drums for the next recording.  Newleaf was the last recording for Catbird Seat (2010) as they toured the south as a trio (Griffin, Norton, and Bedell), they bid farewell in June of 2011 to a sold out Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia, completing 24 years of folkin’ rock.  Catbird Seat were privileged to work with award winning engineers/producers:  Don McCollister and Rob Gal.

 Bob is very excited to continue growing as a songwriter, sharing his stories with you and your friends.  Check out Catbird Seat CD-  “Newleaf ”on SPOTIFY  Or YouTube Catbird Seat (either “One of these Days” / or “Fairy Tales and Songs” / “Color Desire” if you can get your hands on this first recording of Catbird Seat 1989)